Highcharts cheat sheet

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Boxplot chart —

In highcharts we can create very nice boxplot charts to show statistical results from some value sets. We feed calculated results directly into chart. For every value on xAxis we define in “series” these values on yAxis: maximum upper quartile average – median lower quartile minimum As “Extremes” we add extreme values excluded from calculations. […]

Chart components —

When I started with highcharts I missed refference like this. And sometimes it is still useful. I will use standard line chart like this: Here are basic components and areas (for better undestanding I just filled main areas with different colours): What are spacing and margin values:

Types of charts —

This text presumes you understand which components has every chart. Basically there are these groups of chart types: area/ bar/ column/ line pie/ pyramid As you can see bellow you use the same code with just different type of chart. For the first group (area, bar, column, line) you can set stacking – “none”, “normal” […]

How to test highcharts —

All my examples are based on informations from http://www.highcharts.com and were tested on jsfiddle.net You can try and test modificatins of all highcharts on http://jsfiddle.net/. You just need to: set framework “JQuery” (version you need to test or latest one) add to left top window named “HTML” this: copy/ paste highchart funtion from my post […]